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"Best Pastrami in the Country"
Colman Andrews, Former Restaurant Critic for Gourmet Magazine, Co-founder and Former Editor in Chief of Saveur Magazine
"The best sandwich on earth..."
San Francisco Weekly
"My favorite deli. Greeenblatt's is more than a deli: it's a place that houses the finest wine in the city."
Halle Berry, Esquire Magazine
"Where the hottest chefs pamper their palates" "A Classic"
Virtuoso Life Magazine
"It's an old-school deli from the 1920's attached to a outrageously good wine store" "Southern California's Ultimate Wine and Food Trip"
Food & Wine Magazine
"Greenblatt's on Sunset. I love love love sandwich #3 with pastrami, coleslaw, swiss on the most delicious soft rye bread. "
Suzanne Goine, Chef at Luques and A.O.C. about her Favorite Spot to grab a bite for under $25.00 Daily Variety
Greenblatt's deli sandwich and wine
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